Shoe Addict Challenge Part 2

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ShoesDo you constantly stare into your closet with a small amount of guilt over the large quantity of clothing or accessories you have? Does the guilt stem from more than half of the items being underappreciated? If you said yes to either of these, then you and I have some similarities. Two weeks ago I challenged myself and my shoe collection. With aprox 100+ pairs, I thought it was time that each pair had a moment to shine. I’m mainly hoping to curve my shoe addiction and come to a realistic understanding of my needs, wants and style. Full Story

Portland’s Printed Pants

Portland party people are pining in a panic for printed pants!

Printed PantsWe found these examples of prints from a variety of retailers and labels on the racks at our downtown store. Whether it’s polka dots, southwestern, camo (making a big comeback right now) or even stingray…

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Collecting the Past: Kristin Roth

Collecting is an art and a passion. For former Buffalo Exchange employee Kristin Roth, collecting is a lifestyle. Kristin has unbeatable collections of vintage sunglasses and antique sprinkler heads, but nothing compares to her collection of Bakelite pieces and her memories of how she attained each item. Kristin allowed us to interview and showcase her collecting in our Fall/Winter 2012 Zine. Watch this video for an extended look at her collection.
See our Fall Winter Zine

The Goods

Check out these fun items from a few of our locations!

Buffalo Exchange ProductVintage ET tee at Buffalo Exchange Tucson Central, $25

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All Souls Procession Tucson

All Souls ProcessionsOnce a year the spirit of Tucson gathers for an organic experience. The All Souls Processions invites everyone to join and celebrate the lives of loved ones past. Animals and celebrities are included amongst those mourned, as 35,000 Tucsonans hold signs and create artistic floats in honor of the past. Faces amongst the procession and throughout the on lookers are painted with sugar skull designs channeling the true spirit of Dia De Los Muertos. Make shift bands join together and march throughout the procession while individuals bring drums and tambourines to play along wherever possible. Rather than a sense of sadness you might find at a funeral procession this gathering has an aura of remembrance, gratitude and most of all, celebration of life and lives past.

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Health Tuesdays: Green Tea

by Odette Lucero, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Green Tea

Winter is here and all we want to do is hide under our covers. A tasty way to stay warm during the day is by enjoying some green tea. Green tea contains caffeine to keep you going, but it also contains salubrious polyphenols, but what does that mean? It helps contribute to overall better health.

Green tea also has vitamin C and what can that do for you? It helps create collagen in the body, which can encourage strength in skin, joint and bones. Green tea aids in healing wounds within the body and can help prevent lung disease. Green tea also helps smokers decrease some of the damaged DNA caused by tobacco while fighting tooth decay, heart disease and bad breath. Of course it also improves mental alertness while aiding against stress.

I personally can’t think of a better way to start off a cold winter day, but if you’re not a tea person, or simply want to know of other ways to add green tea to your daily diet, try adding it to salads or smoothies, pies, bread, pastas, cupcakes and cookies. Or you can always enjoy green tea ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Tips for making the best green tea ever:

  •           Make sure to cool tea after a boil for 30 to 60 seconds before adding in green tea leaves.
  •           Use loose green tea leaves as opposed to the prepackaged green tea bags.
  •           Use approximately 2 grams of tea per cup
  •           Lastly Steep tea for 1 to 2 minutes only


Vote StyleMake your voice heard this election! No matter how you’re voting, now’s the time to make our way to the polls (stylishly, of course) to exercise our right as American citizens. Get out there and VOTE. We’ll see you at the polls!

Street Fashion: Long Beach

Long Beach StyleIs it still Summer?? It sure feels like fall still hasn’t fallen upon us. In the LBC, everyone is accessorizing with fun jewelry and thin layers, since we can’t bust out our heavier fall fashions just yet. Women are wearing lighter leather jackets and fuzzy sweaters with multiple rings, bracelets and necklaces; printed pants and animal prints are mixed and matched and flying off of our racks. Men’s tank tops are doing well all year long, throw a flannel or thin button-up over it and it’s perfect for the weather. Men and Women are rocking jewelry, jean shorts and snapbacks; brights and neons are worn as statement pieces with neutral colors and simple basics. Long Beach is all about dressing comfortably while showing off some fresh fashion! Full Story

Now & Then: Get Inspired!

Written & Photographed by Karen Garanzuay Madrigal, Buffalo Exchange San Antonio

Vintage ShirtsOne of the most interesting things about being a Buyer for Buffalo Exchange is the vast array of clothing & accessory styles that we see come across our buy counter each & every day. From Vintage to Retro, Handmade to Current . . . being able to view these fashions in the flesh is truly awesome & awe-inspiring! As of lately, I’ve noticed that here at Buffalo Exchange, San Antonio certain retro & vintage pieces that we have bought into our store eerily mirror (or seem to greatly influence) much of the new merchandise items that we have been selling. Full Story