5 Underdog Trends: Winter

Every season underlying trends start to make their way to the top. Some have been there for season after season and others are returning from over a decade ago. Either way they catch our eyes and we consider how to incorporate them into our seasonal wardrobe. Here are our top 5 underdog trends hoping to hit hard this season.

Thigh High

Thigh High Maxi Dresses

  • Perhaps Rihanna kicked this trend off with that black high slit number she wore to an awards show a few months back. We have be aware for a year or two now that maxi dresses were trending but now a high slit has been added for flow and to show off a bit of leg.

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A How To Guide for a Well-Planned Holiday Season

HolidayAs we approach a season which entails some of the highest stress levels of the year along with many events to attend, on top of endless gift searching, we must take a moment and reorganize ourselves to have a successful and enjoyable season. Take a moment to read over some helpful advice on how to breeze through your holiday season. Full Story

Street Style: Chicago

Chicago StyleChicago weather keeps you on your toes this time of year. One day it’s 80 degrees and rainy, the next it’s 50 and sunny. Layers are the key to staying on top of it all. The key to looking fresh while layering is structure, balance, and color! Ladies go for styled up drama and detail, while dudes go for simplistic graphic patterns. Nick showcases a touch of 60s pop with by pairing a striped sweater with his two tone jacket and shoes. The canary yellow slacks help ease the transition from summer to fall. Nami has all her bases covered in a sheer blouse, bright cords, a printed scarf, and textured loafers.Full Story

Style Spotting

We spotted stylish customer Danesha at our San Antonio location! Way to rock the patterned leggings!

Customer Style

Amy’s Thanks

Person with Cat   Every year, around this time, we are always asked to look back and think about what we are thankful for.  Everyone that knows me knows that I’m not the serious type but more of the sarcastic, joking type.  But I thought I would take this assignment a little more serious than usual, emphasis on the little. When thinking about what I’m thankful for the first thing that came to mind was how fortunate I am for having a steady job that I’m not constantly worrying whether I will have it tomorrow or not. I’m not trying to boost up Buffalo Exchange any more than it needs to be, oh wait, that’s exactly what I’m doing! But for reals, I truly do love my job and the things I have been able to accomplish and overcome throughout my four and half years of employment with Buffalo.  My top favorite memories would have to include meeting Spencer Block (co-founder of Buffalo Exchange) and knowing what an inspirational man he was, as well as his dislike for hand sanitizer! Another was going on a wholesale buy trip to Las Vegas WSA shoe show, with our company buyer.  That was a day of jet-setting and fast paced decisions that helped me realize I was in the right company. The last would have to be my staff and management team! I have been in management for about a year and half now, and I truly love the people I work with and the things that we can accomplish as a team.  See everybody, look at the amazing things you can do if you work for Buffalo! Full Story

Josiah’s Thanks

Family Photo                When I think about what I’m thankful for, the easiest and truest thing for me to express is my appreciation for my family, especially my parents. Throughout my upbringing and early adult life, my Mom Cindy and Father Maury have offered me and my three brothers unwavering support and encouragement to pursue our interests without pushing us to achieve success in areas that weren’t our true desires. I feel so fortunate to call my parents close friends. Though they live halfway across the country in Topeka, Kansas, I enjoy staying in touch with them and hearing about the latest family affairs on frequent phone conversations. They’re also always willing to send me odds and ends that I forgot at their house when I moved to Portland two years ago.Full Story

The Do’s and Don’ts of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Turkey
As the holiday season is kicked off with thanksgiving we find ourselves in a blunder of tradition and minor guidelines to follow. Before you head over to your loved ones house, let’s go over some quick do’s and don’ts that may be of assistance to you.

Don’t show up with your lightly spotted and holey football tee

  •  Start off the day with a nice sweater or button up. Secretly you can have your team tee on, then as the night progresses and the drinks are abundant, it’s time to strip down!

Do show up with some sort of delight for the host

  • That can be a classic bottle of wine, some more deserts for the table or a thoughtful card thanking them for the invite.

Don’t defrost your turkey the same day

  • Depending on the birds weight it can take between 2-5 days to thaw in your fridge. Plan on aprox 4lbs defrosted every 24 hours.

Do ask for your secret family recipe

  • Mom always made it best right? Well give her a call for the holiday and ask her what that secret ingredient was. No better time to catch up with mom and get a few family secrets.

Don’t wear high waisted anything.

  • Anyone who sits down for extended periods of time on a daily basis will tell you that high rise is not the way to go. It’ll cut into your gut and leave you with a very uncomfortable situation.

Do break out the Jeggings

  • That’s right Jeggings. 80% spandex and ultra-comfortable for most leg movements. I don’t mean the pajama jeans, I mean jeans with a little give in them.

Lastly, Don’t forget there’s pie!

  • Feast and enjoy but save 20% of your appetite for the tastiest pie of all seasons! Pumpkin, Pecan and whatever else your tradition includes.

Do enjoy your holiday!

  • Take this day to relax, spend time with friends and family. Enjoy yourself and keep stress minimal. Be thankful for the people in your life as they are just as thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving Buffalos! Cheers to the holiday season!

Image via  Calgary

Off Topic: Vinyls are Forever

by Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange Tempe

James Bond VinylsAs filmgoers were looking forward to the latest James Bond installment, I decided to look backward, to the music that helped create the franchise. And what I found surprised me. Full Story

A Vegan Thanksgiving

You may remember this from last year, but in case you missed it. Here are some incredibly tasty vegan options to add to your Thanksgiving feast.

Vegan RecipeFull Story

1 Legendary Partnership

Target Designer PartnershipWhile flipping through the Instyle December issue my jaw just about dropped as I saw a Neiman Marcus symbol with a Target symbol! Could it be true?! A fold out ad and a catchy campaign line confirmed it. “1 legendary partnership.” Perhaps this is even better than the Missoni Target collection becoming within grasps of millions. Full Story