The Most Interesting Man in the World

Most Interesting Man in the WorldWe recently were honored by the presence of The Most Interesting Man in the World. He took a moment in between vicariously living through himself and being questioned by the police (just because they find him interesting) to answer a few of our questions.Full Story

The Challenge of a Shoe Addict

ShoesIf there’s one area of my closet that I am willing to admit is obscene, it’s my shoe collection. Notice that I say collection as I consider that each pair was added to the collection with specific reason (even if the reason was, “I just like them.”) But with so many pairs, I think it’s time to take action. I try my best to give them each a chance to shine once or twice a year, but lately I find that for one reason or another particular styles continue to collect dust. In an attempt to prove the cost was worth it, I’ve devised a plan to wear a different pair each day, until the entire collection has all been worn. Not only will this be my style challenge over the next few months, but it’ll give me great perspective over the needs and no’s of the addiction for future buying and current trading.Full Story

Street Style: Seattle

Seattle StyleAs we are transitioning into fall in Seattle, sweaters are once again making an appearance. In all shapes and styles, sweaters are a must-have for our typically cooler fall weather. Layered over tees or dresses, they add a fresh look to summer pieces! Another trend we spotted was a combination of leather and denim pieces. Mixed together in an outfit, these textiles create a look reminiscent of Seattle’s grungy past with a new stylish twist. Over-the-knee ankle boots are another autumn staple and can be worn with nearly every fall outfit! The trends we observed on the street s are sure to be hits this upcoming season with Seattleites.Full Story

Halloween at Buffalo Exchange

Halloween CostumeWe hope you’re enjoying the season of Halloween just as much as we are! Haven’t found your costume yet? Drop by one of our locations and we’ll help you out. Here’s a little costume inspiration from our employees!Full Story

The Power Shopper: Leather

By Monica Negri, Monica is a Wardrobe and Image consultant of Ten Outfits and has three passions in life – Fashion, Food and Fitness.  All three interweave in and out of her life creating a beautiful balance.

One of my favorite quote’s in a movie is:  “I’m into leather” in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall.  I have watched this movie at least 20 times and It makes me laugh every time.  Yes I confess I am into leather too!   The quote in the movie comes early as the young Neurotic Alvy Singer reflects on how his old school classmates turned out.

  • Leather Style “I run a profitable dress company”
  • “I’m President of the Pinkus Plumbing Company”
  •  “I sell thaillis”
  •  “I was a heroin addict now I’m a methadone addict”
  •  “I’m into leather”

If you haven’t seen this movie I highly recommend it.  It’s a classic and won Best Picture. So when one thinks of leather there are many interpretations and categories, such as Fashion, Culture, Home Décor, Books, Motorcycles and Cars.  Full Story

Zombie Invasion!!

Zombie InvasionHello zombie friends! Here are two ways you can win a $100 Buffalo Exchange shopping spree! You can check out the official guidelines here.

  1.  Instagram a photo of your Zombie self and make sure to include @buffloexchange & #bxzombies! A winner will be chosen the week of Nov 5th.


  1. Give your awesome carved pumpkin justice before it turns into a mushy, smelly pile of gross. Post a photo of your creation to our Facebook page and The photo with the most amount of ‘Likes’ by October 31st will be pronounced the winner!

Health Tuesdays: Pumpkins

PumpkinsSince we’re well into October that can only mean one thing.. . It’s pumpkin season. Pumpkin lattes, Pumpkin beers, Pumpkin everything. So how do you enjoy pumpkin season while keeping an eye on your health? Let’s start with the general health benefits of pumpkins.Full Story

Kodachrome: Portland

Funky PrairieThere’s a new sheriff in town. Okay, maybe not a new sheriff, but here in Downtown Portland, there’s a new take on an old look emerging and we’re calling it Funky Prairie. Down home D.I.Y. Is merging with high fashion with a slightly gothic twist. Think Little House on the Prairie meets Rodarte’s Fall 2011 collection meets the 1996 Fairuza Balk teen witch flick, The Craft. Emphasizing comfort with this rural/urban mish mash comes with ease by throwing on layers of flowing lace accented with leather and fur (or faux if you’re veg). Don’t be afraid of over accessorizing with chunky, angular and spiky metallic and turquoise jewelries. Guys, get out your funky  western button ups and pearl snaps. Pile on that denim on denim on denim. Canadian tuxedo? No. Tell the haters that this is America, we love denim and we’re free to wear as much of it as we want. Don’t be afraid to throw in just a touch of velvet (a big trend in mens and womens wear this fall) to soften the hard edges of your tough cowboy aesthetic. Tie on that bolo, tuck a sprig of native grasses in your hat and you’re ready to ride.Full Story

Trend Tracker

TrendsEmployee Tatiana rocks 3 major trends we’re loving for the season; high rise jeans, character tees and snap back hats!