Off Topic: Wes Anderson

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange TempeWes Anderson Film ImageI’m no film critic, but the other day I was chewing on a question that had a critic-y flavor: “What makes a movie great?” Is it huge box office?  Oscars?  A good rating on Rotten Tomatoes? I concluded that, for me, it just has to pass the childishly simple test of “Will I want to watch it again?”Full Story

Street Style: Santa Monica

Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles, (Santa Monica)

Santa Monica Style

Here in sunny Santa Monica, the beach is our backyard.  Fashion is effortless and easy, our outfits coming together in a bohemian rhapsody perfectly suited for the southern CA lifestyle.  With a sense of nostalgia, we borrow from our parents’ generation, mixing together 70’s and 80’s pieces with our own modern flair.  Denim is a wardrobe staple, either long or cut off into the shortest of shorts.  Throw on your favorite vintage tee, some groovy accessories (anything leather, feather, or turquoise!) and you’re good to go.  Sunglasses are also a must!  Be it on Main Street or on the sands of Venice, we beach blanket buffalos feel right at home in lightweight, natural fabrics.  These can be accented with pops of summer ready brights or prints like plaid and leopard.  We are the California dreamers, making our style dreams a reality every day!Full Story

Style Watch: Williamsburg

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Williamsburg Style

When you walk the streets of Williamsburg you can guarantee you’ll pass more than a few fashionable folks. Check out these stylish people our Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn team spotted.Full Story

Trend Tracker: Floating Broque

Floating Shoes

Do you remember Marc Jacobs’ 2008 summer shoes with the misplaced heel and a foot placement that seemed out of the ordinary? No love was given back then but perhaps those styles were too early for their time. So now that our feet have been pushed to a direction of extreme, yet interesting fashions I feel a new respect for the quirky and strange. Current Obsession? Floating Brogues. Brought to you by Simone Rocha and reproduced by Jeffrey Campbell, these brogues give a sophisticated look to a very whimsical fashion. I suppose these might the best option for the understated statement, in which onlookers will have to take that second glance. Love it? Hate it? Will it even last? Who knows, but I must say, the white pair with the clear Lucite heel would go perfectly with my summer wardrobe.Full Story

Essence Fest

by Christy Lorio, Buffalo Exchange New Orleans

Essence Fest

The New Orleans street team hit up downtown last week to bring y’all some great Essence Music Festival fashion. Going strong since 1995, this fest is the biggest African-American music and culture event in the United States. Put on by Essence Magazine, it draws noted musicians such as Aretha Franklin, Mary J. Blige, D’Angelo, The Pointer Sisters, Trey Songz, Eve, SWV, and a slew of local acts as well. There’s also an entire roster of events taking place, including fashion shows, speaking engagements and empowerment seminars from celebrities, renowned journalists, and prominent community leaders.  Even if you don’t make it to the Superdome for the music, there are unofficial parties galore.. Of course street style is best served up on the streets, but we also snuck into some hotel lobby parties and downtown boutiques to peep what everyone was wearing.Full Story

ABC- Rescue Me!

Sunburns and Stressed Out Tresses by Amanda Richards, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Sunburned Woman

Now that we’re getting into the middle of summer here in Tucson, and the temperature exceeds 100 degrees (as is the case all over lately) you’ve probably gotten at least one bad sunburn and the chlorine from the pool is taking a toll on your hair. Here is a Craft-It-Yourself Sunburn Soothe to calm a bad sunburn and a Hydrating Coconut Warm Oil treatment for your scalp and hair, all made from items you probably have around that house.Full Story

Street Style: San Antonio

San Antonio Style

San Antonio, TX is a city known for tourist attractions and laid back fashion. Street style is heavily influenced by western wear, as well as Mexican American culture. Amidst cowboy boots and southwestern prints, two trends have evolved to take the land by storm.       Full Story

Trend Tracker: Distressed Denim

Distressed Denim

Since cutesy peter pan collars and classic 50’s silhouettes we’re all the rage this past spring, fashion must always make a u turn and run to the extreme opposite direction. Distressed, down and dirty denim is once again at the highest request of our customers. Is it inspired by the 90’s grunge revival or are we channeling the early 2000’s ripped knees that even Abercrombie marketed?Full Story