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DIY Wrapped Headband

Tribal is once again taking over ladies fashion on college campuses and festivals around the globe. However this year it’s time to ditch the all over ikats and focus on the detail. Patches of southwestern and tribal inspired prints, accessory details, and muted tones are trending with full force! So here’s a tutorial on how to create your very own tribal inspired accessory; specifically a multicolored headband with a feather extension.

Wrapped Headband

Buffalo Exchange Tucson Customer, DIY-ista and Creative Blogger Eliza, from gives us a step by step how to create your very own tribal inspired head band. Check out Eliza’s other creations here:

Here what you need:Wrapped Headband

  1. Scissors
  2. A plain headband (metal is best but plastic is ok too) mine is about 1/4 inch wide
  3. An embroidery needle
  4. Assorted feathers of your choice (Michaels sells really neat feather bouquets which give you a great selection for a couple bucks)
  5. A selection of colors of embroidery floss (I used four colors but one more or less would also be okay)
  6. A little bit of patience and determination.  Ready? Onward!

Wrapped HeadbandTake all but one of your embroidery floss colors (heretofore referred to simply as “string”) and gather the ends, leave them attached to their spools. Pinch these ends against the INSIDE SURFACE end of your headband so that the ends of the string line up with the end of the headband as shown.

Wrapped HeadbandBegin the wrap this thread around the headband so that the loose end of the string you are working, along with and all the other ends, get wrapped up inside the coil.  If you hold onto the headband as shown in the picture, you won’t have to worry about the other strings too much. Keep wrapping for at least an inch until all the ends are securely attached to the headband.  It will look like this from the outside.

Wrapped Headband

Now for the fun part.  To switch colors bring the string you are working with around the back side of the headband and over all the other strings.  Hold it with your finger as you grasp one of the other colors from behind it and begin to wrap the new color in the same direction.  The first color is now tucked inside the coil with the other strings.

Continue this process all the way around the headband, changing colors periodically to create whatever pattern you desire.  I changed my patter up regularly to give it a sort of random look but you can get creative here.  Make it your own!  Be careful to keep an eye on the strings to make sure they don’t get tangled.  Just take one moment at each color change to arrange them and this shouldn’t be too difficult.


Wrapped HeadbandWhen you arrive at the other end of the headband it’s time to cut the strings.  At this point you need to think about how long you want your feather extension to be.  This will depend on the length or your hair and the look you desire.  Remember, it will hang down from the back of your ear so this is where you should measure from.  Multiply this length times 3 or 4 and cut the strings to this length. Next tie the last color you were working with to one of the other strings.  Make sure the knot is on the inside surface of the headband.  Two square knots are all you need.

Wrapped HeadbandTake something heavy (I used a water bottle) and use it to hold your headband to the table.  You are going to make a short friendship-bracelet-type-thing with the length of string you have left.  The stitch will create a spiral ridge as you work.  If you don’t know how to do this stitch, refer to this tutorial from Honestly…WTF.

Wrapped HeadbandOnce you are happy with the length it’s time to gather up your feathers. Tie a long (about 24″) piece of string around them about 3/4 inch from the feather ends with plenty of length on both ends of the strings (heretofore referred to as the “feather strings”). Now wrap towards the ends of the feathers, making sure to catch the other side of the string as you go. When you get to the end, tie both ends together.

Wrapped HeadbandDEEP BREATH (you’re almost done!) Attach the feather to the end of the headband by tying one of the feather strings to two of the headband strings and the other feather string to the remaining headband strings.  (I know, the picture should help) As a finishing touch, I used one of the feather strings and did some friendship bracelet stitches down the shaft of the feathers and over the rest of the strings.  After a few stitches I trimmed all of these strings and continued to do friendship stitches until the ends were covered up. Finally, take your embroidery needle and thread the last string through it. Using the needle, thread the final string under the remaining coils on the feather shaft to secure the end. Trim the last string and you’re done!

Wrapped Headband