Buffalo Exchange Tucson Campus women's clothing items.

Tucson Campus, needs your clothing!

Welcome to campus Wildcats! ​Celebrate back-to-school style at the Tucson Campus Buffalo Exchange.​ We need women’s denim, tees, and all men’s clothing in all styles and sizes. Trade in your past favorites for cash or in-store trade towards a new fall ​outfit!

Buffalo Exchange Tucson Campus

Buffalo Exchange men's and women's clothing items.

Pacific Beach clothing needed!

We’re looking for women’s and men’s clothing in all sizes and styles! As we head into the fall months we’re in need of button-downs, blouses, long sleeves, sweaters, denim, and jackets. As always we buy the best of all seasons, so bring in your items and one of our buyers will happily take a peek through your past favorites! We offer customers cash or in-store trade on the spot. See you soon!

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Buffalo Exchange Pacific Beach

Buffalo Exchange Eugene men's and women's clothing items.

Eugene, fall clothing wanted!

Hey Eugene shoppers! We are always in need of current styles in excellent condition, and are looking for the best of all seasons year round. Currently we are gearing up for back to school, so bring us your t-shirts, sweaters, jeans, and button-ups!

Buffalo Exchange Eugene

Buffalo Exchange women's clothing on clothing rack.

U-District, needs your clothing!

Hello University District shoppers! It’s a great time to grab a friend and head on over to Buffalo on the Ave for some shopping and selling fun! We’re looking for great items from all seasons in all sizes. We’re especially in need of men’s sweaters, button-up shirts, and tees. Don’t forget to bring in your past fall and back-to-school favorites. We’ll happily look through your items and give you cash on the spot or in-store trade to help build your new fall wardrobe.

Buffalo Exchange U-District

Buffalo Exchange Tucson Eastside Express Drop Off.

Tucson Eastside Express Drop Off!

The Tucson Eastside Buffalo Exchange location is now offering Express Drop-Off! No time to wait while we look through your items? You can now drop off your past favorites (one bag per person) at our Buy Counter anytime we’re open! One of our buyers will take a look through your items and call you when your transaction has been completed. You can receive cash or in-store trade for women’s clothing items in all styles, accessories, and one-of-a-kind items. You must pick up your items in three days or your clothing items will be donated to charity.