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We are discontinuing the use of plastic bags!

All Locations

Buffalo Exchange has officially gone “bag-less.” The company plans to discontinue all orders of disposable plastic bags for its 47 stores nationwide. This keeps a good deal of plastic out of landfills and prompts customers to remember an earth-friendly alternative for the trip home. The company’s change in policy is expected to keep an estimated 350,000 bags out of landfills every year.

Sustainable living and environmental considerations are a big part of the Buffalo Exchange company culture. The company is a leader in the used fashion resale category, intrinsically highlighting the benefits of reselling and recycling clothing. However, Buffalo Exchange gained notoriety following the introduction of its Tokens for Bags® program; a fund-raising effort that incentivized customers to opt away from using plastic bags by offering a “token” valued at five cents (the cost of one disposable plastic bag) that the customer could donate to one of several local charities every time he or she declined a plastic bag. The program has generated over $420,000 for hundreds of local nonprofit organizations since 1994 and has saved an estimated 8.4 million bags from landfills.

The move to “bag-less” is a logical next step, said Kerstin Block, President and Founder of Buffalo Exchange. “The large majority of our customers will understand that this is a move that is being made in the interest of our environment and that it is intended to begin changing the way we think about how we use disposable products in our everyday lives.”

What about those local charities? No worries. Even without bags, the Tokens for Bags® program will continue. Any customer who brings in their own reusable bag or walks out with their purchase bundled in their arms will still receive a token to donate. “These local charities bring immense value to our communities through environmental protection, animal rescue, and in other ways,” says Block, “and they have served as incredible community partners. The Tokens for Bags® program will continue to provide a fund-raising channel for our community partners and at the same time will thank our customers for living in a socially — and environmentally — responsible manner.”


[Posted Nov 29, 2012]