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Buffalo Exchange is unique because clothing is bought, sold and traded locally with customers. We buy clothing and accessories for both men and women, giving you the option to take cash or store trade on the spot.


We’re always buying the best of all seasons, including current trends, denim, designer, everyday basics, leather, vintage and one-of-a-kind items. Call before your visit to get a better idea of what we’re looking for.

To sell your clothes, simply bring your freshly laundered and good condition items to our in-store buying counter anytime we’re open. Don’t forget to bring a valid government-issued I.D. (and if you’re under 18, just bring a parent or legal guardian with that I.D.).

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How to Shop for Free at Buffalo Exchange, by Lynette Cenee

Buffalo Exchange men's items

Minneapolis Men’s Items

We are looking for men's and women's great summer items. Specifically, men's clothing items like tees (graphic tees), shirts (short-sleeve button-ups, slim fit, and micro-prints), denim (dark wash and black skinny jeans), and shoes. We are excited to see what you have to bring us! Buffalo Exchange Minneapolis

U-District needs your summer items!

Cleaning out your closet before you head home for the summer? Bring your past favorites to the U-District Buffalo Exchange. We are looking for great summer pieces for both men and women! Such as tees, button-ups, shorts, denim, and shoes. We have also started buying for the cooler months, so sweaters, jackets, and boots are welcome. You can get 30% in cash on the spot or 50% in-store credit for an awesome summer wardrobe. See you soon! Buffalo Exchange U-District
Buffalo Exchange women's clothing lay out image.

Ballard, needs your summer clothing!

The Ballard Buffalo Exchange is looking for your men's and women's items! We are particularly in need of men's button-ups, tees, denim, and shorts! Ladies, we're looking for tees, blouses, dresses, and sweaters! We’re always looking for great basics and unique one-of-a-kind pieces. Clean out your wardrobe for extra vacation cash or upgrade your closet with in-store credit. Give us a call with questions and we hope to see you soon! Buffalo Exchange Seattle Ballard
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