Cash for Fashion

Buffalo Exchange is unique because clothing is bought, sold and traded locally with customers. We buy clothing and accessories for both men and women, giving you the option to take cash or store trade on the spot.


We’re always buying the best of all seasons, including current trends, denim, designer, everyday basics, leather, vintage and one-of-a-kind items. Call before your visit to get a better idea of what we’re looking for.

To sell your clothes, simply bring your freshly laundered and good condition items to our in-store buying counter anytime we’re open. Don’t forget to bring a valid government-issued I.D. (and if you’re under 18, just bring a parent or legal guardian with that I.D.).

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How to Shop for Free at Buffalo Exchange, by Lynette Cenee

Buffalo Exchange Buying For Fall & Winter

We’re Buying Fall/Winter Styles & Costumes!

We are buying your fall and winter items as well as costumes and ugly holiday sweaters! We need your sweaters, jackets, denim, button-ups, T-shirts and cool-weather accessories. Have a fantastic summer piece? We always buy the best of all seasons! Don't forget we also buy excellent vintage and one-of-a-kind items. Clean out your past  favorites and bring them in for cash or in-store credit on the spot at your local Buffalo Exchange. Also check out our wanted page.
Buffalo Exchange Eugene Wanted

Eugene Buying Jeans, Sweaters & More!

Ready for a closet clean-out? Your Eugene Buffalo is buying jeans, sweaters, tees, dresses, name it! Bring down last year's favorites, including Halloween costumes, for cash or trade on the spot. Don’t forget we always buy the best of all seasons. See you soon!  
Buffalo Exchange Pittsburgh Wanted Header

Pittsburgh Buying Halloween Costumes & Holiday Sweaters

Hey Pittsburgh! Looking to clean out last year's Halloween costumes and ugly holiday sweaters? Bring 'em down! Always wanted to try selling to us? We're now offering $5 off coupons to any first-time sellers! See you soon!

Philadelphia Buying for Fall and Halloween

Hey Philadelphia! Fall and Halloween season are here and ugly Christmas sweater season isn't far behind. Bring your Halloween costumes and holiday sweaters from last year down to Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia and trade them in for new ones! We're also in need of current denim styles, men's and women's fall sweaters and jackets, shoes and sneakers, designer handbags and vintage (especially band tees). Don't forget we also buy sterling silver and southwestern jewelry. Hope to see you soon!
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