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A Halloween Story

By Bekki Romanowski, Buffalo Exchange Atlanta

Buffalo Exchange

I was always that person at school who threw on a pair of cat ears, my cat’s collar, and called it a day. I love the culture of Halloween and the decorations, but the amount of time it takes to handcraft an original costume led me to wear the same costume three years in a row.

If you ever go to New Orleans, you will learn that locals have costume closets, and they spend months working on their Mardi Gras costumes. The time and energy spent on having a unique and beautiful costume is priceless for them, and they have the most fun throughout this holiday season. I didn’t understand what Mardi Gras was until I experienced it, but someone described it as “Halloween with mysticism and magic,” and that stuck with me during the spirit of Halloween. People save their costumes, repurpose them, wear them again for different parade dates next year, or sell them to Buffalo Exchange!

Buffalo Exchange

At Buffalo Exchange, we have such a wonderful way of bringing back uniqueness and beauty to a holiday that is dedicated to dressing up! Now that I live in Atlanta, I’ve come to realize how special it is that so many people are dedicated to the idea of getting fantastically dressed up. I have always thought of myself as someone who doesn’t like dressing up, but working with Buffalo Exchange, I’ve realized that I don’t overdo Halloween, because every day at work is a dress up day for me.
To create a unique, one-of-a-kind costume for Halloween wear the one thing in your closet that you never got to wear. You know those items that you saved for some occasion, theme party, or fancy event that you might not ever attend—wear it! In the spirit of costumes, individuality, and (how could we forget) unique fashion, wear what feels most fantastic, and out of the box for what you normally wear. Just like your own individual style, Halloween doesn’t have rules for what you can wear—make it your own! And I’m sure if you need something fantastic, Buffalo Exchange can help you out in that area.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

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