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Get the inside scoop on Buffalo Exchange fashion from our staff at buffaloexchangefashion.com.

Style File: Seattle (U-District)

By Buffalo Exchange Seattle (U-District)

It is finally summertime in Seattle, and it is hot and sunny with a 100% chance of great style. Sun deprived and ready to get (somewhat of) a tan, our customers are strutting their stuff down The Ave in funky and fashion-forward outfits. We’ve... more>

[Posted August 29, 2014]

Buffalo ExchangeBuffalo ExchangeBuffalo Exchange

Health Goth

By Buffalo Exchange Philly

We’ve seen an exciting trend take hold that captures the convergence of sports-luxe, and the dark edgy fashion we are used to seeing here in Philly. “Health Goth” has been considered the transcendence of normcore, where punk meets sporty, monochrome meets... more>

[Posted August 28, 2014]

Buffalo ExchangeBuffalo ExchangeBuffalo Exchange

The Bourgeois Chiaroscuro

By Buffalo Exchange Costa Mesa

What is a Bourgeois Chiaroscuro? Bourgeois are people who love labels and chiaroscuro is an effect of contrasted light and shadow. Our styles in the OC consist of playing in the sun or staying posted in the shadows.

The trendy folks of Orange County... more>

[Posted August 25, 2014]

Buffalo ExchangeBuffalo ExchangeBuffalo Exchange

From the Archives

By Inara Edrington, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Founder Spencer Block in his “Fu Man Chu” phase. Circa 1977 — Thankfully we feature more fashion in our ads now!... more>

[Posted August 21, 2014]

Buffalo Exchange

Back To School: Plaids

By Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Haight St.)

Every book smart babe knows that one piece of plaid is not enough. As back to school quickly approaches the print is flying off our racks here in San Francisco. The beauty of plaid is that it’s a versatile print anyone can pull off. Be it... more>

[Posted August 20, 2014]

Buffalo ExchangeBuffalo Exchange Buffalo Exchange

Meet Our Team: Monica

When you work for Buffalo Exchange, it’s highly likely you not only have a passion for fashion, but a clothing addiction to follow. Meet employee Monica, who’s been with Buffalo Exchange for 10 years! We asked her to take us into her world of fashion and show us around her closet. You may... more>

[Posted August 19, 2014]

Buffalo ExchangeBuffalo ExchangeBuffalo Exchange

Rockmount Ranchwear

By Virginia, Buffalo Exchange Tucson

Kerstin Block, Steve Weil, Rebecca Block, and Todd Colletti at Rockmount Ranchwear store in Colorado.

Western wear from Rockmount Ranchwear is heading to your local... more>

[Posted August 15, 2014]

Buffalo ExchangeBuffalo ExchangeBuffalo Exchange

The Goods: Menswear

By Buffalo Exchange New Merch

Peek at some end of summer men’s items our New Merchandise buyers have stocked in our stores. Pick up these styles and more today at your local Buffalo Exchange.

Shaw Park hats $15.50

Tanks $15.50–$16.50... more>

[Posted August 12, 2014]

Buffalo ExchangeBuffalo Exchange

Back to School Style

By Buffalo Exchange Houston (Rice Village)

It’s HOT, HOT, HOT here in Houston during August with temperatures often in the 100s. School is just around the corner and our customers know it’s important to not only stay cool, but make sure they look great for the school season ahead.... more>

[Posted August 11, 2014]

Buffalo ExchangeBuffalo ExchangeBuffalo Exchange

Off Topic: Deck The Walls

By Joe Carrel, Buffalo Exchange Tempe

There are few things sadder than something blank. From the blank canvas of a frustrated artist, the blank page of a frustrated writer, or the blank living room wall of a frustrated, well, you. As a person of obvious style (you are reading the... more>

[Posted August 8, 2014]

Buffalo ExchangeBuffalo ExchangeBuffalo Exchange